Ten to Ten


    Exploring Local!


    Bringing “local” to travelers
    from all over the world

    Coming into contact with people and their lives
    greatly enriches
    any journey. Mixing in with the
    “local” area is perhaps the true
    charm of
    travelling. For us, having traveled to many places
    having had the pleasure of meeting so many people, this is
    something that we truly believe.

    To find new worth in travel, and to find new
    journeys for travelers.
    Here we want to make a
    place where travelers can meet, and
    discover a world beyond the simple journey itself.

    Value provided by Ten to Ten Hostel


    Ten to Ten HOSTEL

    There are many local people
    here we would love to introduce.

    Those who know much of the area and those in pursuit of a specific field. Those with whom you can enjoy a drink, and those who share the same passions as you. We know how these conversations brought about by mere chance through a shared interest, lead to encounters which become memories we cherish for a lifetime.

    There are many local things
    here we would love to introduce.

    To play, dine and watch. Life contains a multitude of experiences. No trip can be taken to its fullest potential relying on guidebooks and the internet alone. Our goal is to become guides who can bring unique local experiences to all those who we meet.


    We aim to combine the great atmosphere of a hostel environment with the
    amenity expected of a hotel. A lodging that combines the best points of the
    hospitality industry.

    A hostel for those well accustomed to travelling, for those on a visit or students for whom it is their first time to experience a
    hostel, for those from overseas as well as domestic travelers too. A hostel for all that satisfies the needs of a range of guests
    whilst providing a warm and satisfying environment.


    and confy

    With a lounge possessing a warm and welcoming ambience as well as comfortable living room and beds designed to provide a sound sleep the hostel provides as clean environment in which to relax and spend time, all located close to local transportation for easy access.


    Comfortable stay
    with friendly hospitality

    Our friendly staff is always on hand to share in your tales of adventure, or spend time over some drinks as well as listen to any queries you may have during your time with us.


    Variety of activities
    countless types of acitivities

    Live music and events, as well as collaborations with various activities in the local area, we endeavor to promote interaction with the local community. Our goal is to bring experiences that otherwise would never be possible to all those who visit us.

    Ten to Ten HOSTEL



      Ten to Ten NAKAJIMA-KOEN

      5 minutes on foot from Nakajima station nestled in a quiet neighborhood with plenty of greenery. The three story former office renovation has been hand tailored into a warm and stylish space bustling with people from all over the world every day. Possessing a high quality relaxing living area and a clean and smart interior, the establishment also has an adjoining café-bar where you can enjoy one of their popular pizzas whilst sampling a Hokkaido craft beer or refreshments in an environment where the guests and staff are always wearing a smile.


        Ten to Ten SAPPORO STATION

        Ten to Ten Sapporo Station has two buildings facing each other,Ten to Ten 04 Sapporo Station and Ten to Ten 08 Sapporo Station.Located just a 6 minute walk from the entrance to Sapporo, Sapporo station, boasting the largest scale project in Sapporo, Sapporo Station is a new breed of hostel. Having renovated an old student hall the individual rooms are perfect for group use and bolstered by fully furnished washroom and shower facilities. A spacious lounge equipped with sofas provides a place to spend time alone or relax with others. The garden terrace provides a stylish place to enjoy lunch and a market is held at the weekends.

        Ten to Ten reaches out to the world

        Lool forward To it!
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        Our mission is to create a network of entry ways for
        people to mix into the local communities all over the
        world. By creating Ten to Ten hostels overseas, we
        aim to connect the local people to global network of
        those travelling the world.

        Through challenging ourselves overseas we want to
        grow, to meet new people and to absorb as much of
        our new surroundings as possible. Through these
        experiences, we want to go on to make something
        more than simply travelling.


        We are currently looking for partners to help us to bring Ten to Ten establishments to the whole of Japan and overseas. We can provide support from planning to implementation of unique systems for new ventures, we invite those interested in taking on the challenge with us to reach out and contact us.

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        The world is
        becoming more connected
        than ever before.

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