Ten to Ten HOKKAIDO Hostel & Kitchen


Hostel, Kitchen, Food, Drink, People.
We will connect those points by using all the things we have.
Connect the point to the point, start from here.

We have noticed that many points are not connected through hotel management in Sapporo. Those connections are ones between tourists who want to have more local experience and local attractions which tourists don’t know, and between overseas buyers who wants to sell the good stuff in Hokkaido and local products. We will connect those points. It is the reason to start this project.


Accommodation is essential for travel. We offer three types of room: Dormitory room, Private double room, Private family bunk bed room. We also provide the common space, and you can have communications with other guests.

About Facility


We offer café and dining restaurant in addition to the hostel. We serve the pizza which is made from ingredients in Hokkaido and 100% Hokkaido wheat dough, appetisers which are not well-known to people out of Hokkaido, craft beer, Japanese sake, Japanese whisky, and Japanese spirits. Those who only eat and drink can also use our kitchen. That’s why you can make a new connection to guests from out of Hokkaido and overseas, local people in Sapporo.

About Cafe & Bar