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2016.10.05 Wed

[Ten to Ten ハッピーアワーのお知らせ/TentoTen Late Happy Hour info]

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[Ten to Ten ハッピーアワーのお知らせ/TentoTen Late Happy Hour info]
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通常ハッピーアワーは早い時間帯で扱うお店が多いですが、Ten to Tenは一味違います。11時でもまだ相変わらずハッピーです。


閉店     12:00pm


We are happy to introduce our new event “Late Happy Hour”!

A glass of Sapporo draft will be only ¥300 during this event!

This event is good for people who want to have a break between crazy drinking parties, chill and also communicate with people from different countries.

Usually, most of the bars is having happy hour at early time like 5 or 6o’clock, but Ten to Ten is introducing LATE happy hour! After 11, but still happy, everyone!

We also carry some special local beers all made in Hokkaido.
(Unfortunately they are not on special though….Sorry.)
Please try them out if you would like to try different flavour.

Last call-11:30pm

We will be waiting for all of you with Japanese hospitality.